About us


Iranian Refractories Procurement & Production Company (IRPPCo) was established in 1977 to provide various types of raw materials for refractory industry. In this regard, construction of a magnesia sintering plant started up in south Khorasan province in 1990. The plant was put into operation in 1994 with an annual production of 30,000 tons of dead burned magnesia in various grades. To achieve stability of the product quality and maximize recovery of magnesite mineral deposits, one pelletizing unit for magnesia based clinkers was built and launched in 2005. Also, to create added value in response to needs of customers of high quality magnesia products, one production unit of electro-fused magnesia was built and put into operation in 2014.

With launching of these units, the IRPPCo annual production is over 52,000 tons of dead burned magnesia, 7500 tons of fused magnesia and 17,500 tons of caustic calcined magnesia.

Now IRPPCo with more than four decades of experience in production of raw materials for refractory industry and relying on professional staff, is proud to be a successful organization as the largest producer of magnesia in Iran, which supplies its goods and services to meet the needs of refractory industry in Iran.In 2017, Iranian Refractories Procurement and Production company (IRPPCo) has the honor of introducing its new production plant in which different types of basic refractory monolithic masses based on Magnesia, Dolomite and Mag-Dolomite clinker can be produced for different application in steel industries. As a basic rule for offering better sales services and customers satisfaction, engineering and sale services has been allocated to IRPPCo partner, Tajhiz Mavad Pishgam Co., which with its long experience in refractory industry and their sales engineering department, is ready to give the consultancy to all industries in different fields of Design, Material Selection, Wear mechanism and Supervising installation. All our products are delivered in accordance to consumer demands, as grading and packing.

Raw materials

Magnesite and dolomite are the main raw materials for the Iranian Refractories Procurement and Production Company. Raw materials are provided to our company by Birjand Refractory Mining Co, the largest exploration and exploitation of magnesite ore company in Iran.

Notable mines

Sefidkooh is the most remarkable mine of magnesite which has 93 – 97% MgO after firing. Torshak Mohammadi mine has grades of 88 – 94% MgO raw material and the rest of the mines in the area provide magnesite with 88 – 92% grade material.


Magnesite ore after being identified, are exploited, sorted and sent to the factory. These raw materials after primary examination and grading will be separated, crushed and stored.


Raw materials based on their quality go through one step or two steps firing processes.

Fusion Process

Fused magnesia is produced through melting of raw or calcined magnesia in the electrical arc furnace at temperature higher than 2800°C.